We will NOT give trade credit or buy any Azodin, Tippmann, or Spyder paintball guns. We will not take any guns that we can’t purchase replacement parts for.  An example would be Smart Parts Ions or older guns like 2005 Planet Eclipse Egos. Also guns need to be in working order, not broken.

Paintball Trade in program

When trading in your paintball gear you can expect to get about 80% or 85% of the current market value. It will depend on what accessories you have with the gun. Example would be cases, parts kits and upgrades. We will take carbon fiber tanks and newer hoppers like Virtue Spires, Dye R2s and HK Army TFX for trade credit as well. You can use the trade credit for however you want.

We buy used paintball gear

We will purchase paintball guns only. We will NOT purchase Azodin, Tippmann or Spyder paintball guns. You will receive an offer of about 65% to 70% of the guns current market value.

Please remember that we are a business and that all guns whether they are traded in or purchased from you will be teched before resale.

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