Zero Hour: X

This much anticipated event is MAGFED ONLY, so please keep this in mind when choosing to register. 
For mobile users please scroll down for links Entry, FSR,  and Graffiti.

$60 | Thanksgiving Black Friday (11/24)-  50 tickets – SOLD OUT
$60 | December 1st Sale-  50 Tickets SOLD OUT
$70 | Christmas Sale (12/25)-  50 Tickets
$70 | New Year’s Day Sale- 50 tickets
$70 February, March
$80 April, May

$90 Day of Event

***DRAFT 2024***
-Those who attended End Game will recall we did a Draft style registration. What is that? That is where the Generals pull teams who have registered to their side. That means all registration is done without choosing “Red” or “Blue”. We’re bringing that style of play back for this year. What will look different for the first early bird pricing is that you’ll still see the “side” to choose from, but it won’t have an impact on where you’ll be placed. When you register please use the name THAT APPEARS ON YOUR ID and in the notes use your TEAM AFFILIATION. (Example: Damon John Robinson wants to register for the game. He will purchase his ticket under his name, but note SAS MA for his team). The reason for this is a list will be generated for the generals to pull from. Those who don’t register appropriately will be placed in the miscellaneous pile until we figure who’s doing what.
Directions for changing name on event pass.
Please replay to your original order confirmation email with who you would like to attended in your place.   This must be done before June 1st