Paintball Trade In Program

Paintball Trade In Program

Our Paintball Trade in Program is very simple. We accept Paintball Markers, Tanks, Hoppers, some Barrels, and some Paintball Masks.  We are not able to take markers such as Tippmann 98, Spyder markers or Smart Parts Ion. The market is just too saturated with Tippmann markers and markers such as Smart Parts Ion are just too old. If you purchase a used gun from us and there are problems down the road we want to be able to help you fix the issue or be able to get you the parts needed.

When you are trading in gear you have to remember we are not going to be able to give you the same price the item is going for in the marketplace. Every item we get in trade, we have to clean and inspect and if something goes wrong that isn’t from normal use during the first 30 days, we take care of it. Also, if you have the original box the marker came in and extras such as the manual or original parts kit and tools, it helps increase the overall value. The paintball gear you are looking to trade in needs to be in working condition. We cannot take non- functioning gear.

The goal of our trade in program is to provide you a quick and easy way to trade up to new gear. We try and give you the best trade in value and best customer service in the paintball market. So, if you are ready to trade up your gear you can submit it on this page: Trade up.